You may be asking "What is this site about?"

It's my portfolio requirement for a master's degree in Learning Technologies and Design from the University of Missouri, Columbia (better known as Mizzou). The artifacts, within, showcase the really cool things that I've learned while embarking on my master's, and demonstrates my mastery of the competencies.

So, how did this California girl end up attending a master's program at Mizzou?

After working in the motion picture industry for many years (as a stuntwoman and camera assistant), I decided to retire. I worked a bunch of jobs but nothing struck my fancy. I knew that I love to learn and share knowledge. I also love creating, and was building computers before Dell Computer was even a company. I searched and searched for a way to combine my photography/videography skills with my love of knowledge and creating. Somehow I found SISLT at Mizzou. Don't ask me how. I'm a mad Googler with a poor memory and no cache. So, why this program? I knew that I would succeed in a 100% online program. One box checked! A Master of Science was offered. Two boxes checked. The degree combined technology and design. I definitely wanted to learn about both. Yup, three boxes checked! I compared the coursework against other instructional design programs and Mizzou fit the bill for me. The bonus was that online graduate students pay in-state tuition. Bravo, all boxes checked.

Was it the correct choice?

Absolutely! I was so enriched by my time at Mizzou.

lifelong learner

What does this even mean?

I learn...voluntarily, love change, healthy, distinct, changing, inquisitive, formal and not-so-formal, freedom, passion, and knowing that shutting my brain down once in a while is integral to the process.

master's degree candidate

so close, worked hard, surrounded by thought, most time...enjoyable, sometimes...work and school was too much, worth it?...yes!

Course NumberCourse NameCredit HoursGradeSemesterInstructorDescription
IS_LT 9450Intro to Research in SLT3ASpring 2018Dr. Denice AdkinsResearch methods and ethics of research in the social sciences, focusing on the information professions and learning technologies.
IS_LT 9471Instructional Systems Design3Spring 2020Dr. Johannes StrobelDevelopment of skills and knowledge related to the systematic design of instruction. Emphasis is placed on content analysis, instructional strategies, and formative evaluation
IS_LT 9474Front End Analysis3AFall 2019Dr. Rose MarraDevelop skills for systematically analyzing learning, or other systems that need improvement, through data collection, and analyzing and interpreting data.

Design Courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredit HoursGradeSemesterInstructorDescription
IS_LT 7310Microlearning3ASpring 2019Dr. So Mi KimMicrolearning involves just-in-time delivery of small, targeted “nuggets” of specific content. This course introduces basic concepts, process, strategies, and resources for designing microlearning experiences
IS_LT 7383Rapid Development Tools3ASummer 2019Dr. David ReidStudents will apply principles of rapid development and use rapid development tools to create a prototype of an e-learning module that uses technology features that can enhance learning.
IS_LT 9466Learning Analytics3Spring 2020Dr. David ReidLearning Analytics addresses the questions of how people learn together and how computers can participate with and augment that learning.
IS_LT 9473Project Management3ASpring 2018Dr. Aimee KlimczakThis course proposes to integrate practical project management skills within the project management lifecycle (i.e., initiating, planning, executing, controlling, and closing).

Development Courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredit HoursGradeSemesterInstructorDescription
IS_LT 7356Interactive Web Design with JavaScript3AFall 2018Gary Harris, Ed.S.Attain skills in designing/developing interactive web sites/applications using JavaScript, JavaScript libraries, AJAX, plugins, widgets, user interface themes. Add effects, animations to photo galleries, slide shows, carousels to support instruction.
IS_LT 7361Introduction to Digital Media3ASummer 2019Dr. Krista GalyenHands-on approach to multimedia production techniques. Develops understanding of technical and conceptual tools for the basics of digital media, video editing, still image and audio file manipulation.
IS_LT 7370Intermediate Web Development3ASummer 2018Dale Hargis, M.Ed.Development of design and web authoring skills. Topics include CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and usability practices.
IS_LT 7373Exploring Moodle3ASummer 2018Gail Eubanks, Ed.S.This course will prepare you to work within the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS) to set up and manage an online course.
IS_LT 7374Exploring Canvas3ASummer 2018Rachel Leigh, M.A., M.Ed.This course will prepare students to work within the Canvas Learning Management System (LMS) to set up and manage an online course.


reflection on Buddy Biscuits

As I studied, my dog patiently reflected on cookies. I contemplated removing this photo from my site but my love of dogs is a huge part of who I am, and without my dog I would have not made it through my graduate program.

I've always been inquisitive. I love learning. Some may say I'm addicted to it. The diversity and ease of online learning is perfect for me, and obviously so many other learners. People would ask me why I would want to go back to school, or is it worth spending the money or will you get a better job? For me, none of that mattered. I wanted to get my master's degree so that I could be surrounded by knowledge. I am thrilled that I had the opportunity to share this world of knowledge with my professors and peers, and overjoyed that now I am sharing my perspective with the world.

Lately, I have reflected on my first semester in the program since I am working in a group with some "first semester" peers. I found myself telling them that graduate school is different..."We are learning to think. Make a decision, meet demands of the rubric but don't get caught up in undergrad thinking", and then I realized that saying this is probably useless since they must make the journey themselves. From my first day at Mizzou to my last day I was part of a metamorphosis. In my first semester, I was extremely fortunate to take the Introduction to Research course with a professor who would become one of my favorites, Dr. Adkins. She set the tone for my graduate school experience and I can't thank her enough. I embarked on my master's degree journey with what I would consider a subpar academic background. Dr. Adkins prepared me to succeed in the program. I was exposed to a whole new world called researching, that included a fun quiz to determine my epistemology, obtaining my first IRB certificate, research methods, literature mapping, APA citing, and some serious writing! Dr. Adkins provided consistent, timely, and encouraging feedback. Despite the knowledge void I was working hard to fill, Dr. Adkins gave me confidence in my abilities. This course taught me to think, apply, and create. At this point in my program I had no idea what Bloom's Taxonomy was. Now I understand why the course was so effective. Additionally, my vocabulary was increasing from being surrounded by scholars and I was thrilled. My first course and first professor sent me on my way to a new career and a scholarly way of thinking.

As I continued in the program, I became more and more fascinated with learning technologies and design. I found Dr. Galyen's SISLT portfolio online, it spoke to me, and I was in awe. I thought "I want to be as good as she is". My admiration for her increased when I was enrolled in her Introduction to Digital Media course. Dr. Galyen is a thoughtful, wonderful, talented instructor. The projects I created brought me a great sense of pride and accomplishment. The tools (Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, Audition, LumaOne) I learned were immediately used to create freelance portfolio items, as well as assist me in future courses.

Prior to taking the Intermediate Web Development course I taught myself basic html so that I could bypass the introductory coding class. In Professor Hargis' course, I quickly became hooked on coding. I absolutely love it now. In fact, I hand-coded this site. I am very proud of that. I moved on to learning JavaScript and began creating sites for friends. Learning to code provides me the opportunity to create websites exactly how I want them, albeit I still take a long time to create the "super fancy" items. These courses also taught me about hosting my site, and thanks to my friend, Mike, the joys of the full range of Amazon Web Services products!

A professor who is perfectly suited to teaching and mentoring is Dr. David Reid. I took his Rapid Development Tools class and was impressed by his vigilance, and responsiveness. It was clear that he closely monitored the course and student's needs. The feedback he provided was extraordinary, even providing feedback videos for his student's final projects. I learned to use Adobe Captivate to make an impactful learning experience, complete with interactions and assessments. I continue to use Adobe Captivate. I had the opportunity to take another course of Dr. Reid's this semester and I jumped on it. His courses are definitely challenging but the experience is absolutely fulfilling. This semester I am happily enrolled in Learning Analytics. Dr. Reid observes student's understanding of the subject and provides "just in time" videos when he sees they are struggling. In the first week or two of this course, I thought "Oh dear, what have I done?" I was concerned I wouldn't like it. Dr. Reid is passionate about sharing his knowledge and I was soon engrossed. The course has led me to read at least fifty research studies on learning analytics, and spurred an interest in engagement and facial emotion detection as well as instructor feedback in online learning. My world has expanded once again as I reached out to researchers to obtain their datasets. What an amazing world I've become a part of!

During my early semesters at Mizzou, I became interested in accessibility. I began taking courses outside of Mizzou to learn about it so that I could make my projects accessible to all. I later created a course in Moodle and Canvas, for my two Mizzou courses, on how to makevcourses accessible. Additionally, I became Section 508 certified and am currently working on my Department of Justice Trusted Tester Certification.

On my learning journey, I've encountered a diversity of peers and instructors, and have been mesmerized by what I've learned from each. Every interaction, every time I looked up a vocabulary word, every new software I learned, every friendship, every time life was difficult, every time I would tell someone I was getting my master's degree, when my co-worker began at Mizzou because of MY experience...these all contributed to my wholeness as a master's degree candidate. I am grateful that I have been a part of this program.

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