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About me

Hello all! At my core, is my enthusiasm for learning and sharing my knowledge, so as you can imagine, I really like being asked questions! I know a bit about many things, and a lot about a few things, and could start a conversation with a wall! And I'm great at investigating, analyzing and solving problems.

I received my master's degree in learning technologies and design, and have over ten years of instructional design and training experience. Equally important are my many years of gaining diverse and vast life experiences all of which allows me to stay calm, jump into any situation and hit the ground running! Maybe this comes from me being a former stuntwoman! I always take action, and dislike the saying "because that's the way it's always been done".

I'm comfortable creating all types of training materials from infographics to online courses, and am skilled in communicating technical subject matter. I'm an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner, as well as Section 508 accessibility trained. Being on the forefront of new technologies is over-the-top exciting for me, and I'm continually striving to improve the the tools and processes I use.

Current skills include:

analysis: needs, processes, users, feedback • project management • curriculum design • user experience • photography and photo editing • video creation and editing • system administration • web design - html, css, Javascript • survey and interview question writer • graphics creation

Personal notes:

Dog aficionado and photographer.

Took an epic road trip with my two dogs, and camped in 49 states and three Canadian provinces.

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